Friday, July 25, 2014

Dance in Gold

Hello Starshines!
Today I made a look I long wanted to do! It's not a secret I trully love purples, specially for the eyes and I really wanted to put together purples and gold so here it is!

Products used:
Makeup Geek Eyeshadows in: Peach Smoothie, Latte, Last Dance, Bleached Blond, Gold Digger and Mocha
Sigma Brushes

1. Blend Peach Smoothie with an E40 to prepare the eyelide, this will help to blend the other colors.
2. Go on with Latte on an E25, adding this darker shade will deepen the look
3. Place Last Dance with an E55 on the outer part of the lid, in the crease and a little in the inner corner, avoid the middle of the lid.
4. Next, take Bleached Blond on the same E55 and place it all over the lid insisting on the inner corner.
5. Dab Gold Digger with the E55 on the middle of the lid, go back with Last Dance if you need to blend the edges or take a clean brush to buff it out.
6. Take Mocha on an E45 and work the color in the outer V using th every tip of the brush to place the color and then blending it with rainbow motions.
7. Put Eyeliner and pencil khol (optional)
8. For the lower lash line take an E20 and place Last Dance, Gold Digger and Bleached Blond from the outer part to the inner corner before blending them together with an E30.
9. Highlight the inner tear duct and put mascara and you're done!

I hope you enjoy this look, it is so beautiful, original yet wearable!
Have a great day!


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