Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rust Glitters

Hello Starshines!
Recently I made a "small" haul in NYX and ordered nine of their wonderful pigments. The colors are so pretty and they're so affordable I couldn't resist. So today I played with one of them; but, major beauty issue, I was so in a hurry that I totally messed up my eyeliner... Well I guess there are days like this ;) Anyway here's the look!

Products used:
NYX cosmetics Ultra Pearl Mania Loose Pearl Eyeshadow in Rust
Makeup Geek Eyeshadows in: Crème Brulee, Frappe, Chickadee, Bitten, Neptune and Ocean Breeze
Sigma Brushes

1. As always, place Crème Brulee all over the lid with an E40 to help blend the other colors
2. With an E35 blend Frappe just above the crease.
3. With the same E35 place Chickadee on the same area but stretch it slightly upward toward your browbone
4. With an E45 define the eye with Bitten and blend the color into the crease.
5. With an E60 place Rust all over the lid blending the edges well with the colors around.
6. To add more depth go back to the E45 and Bitten and enhance the color in the crease. This will also prevent any harsh line
7. Draw winged eye-liner (take your time not like me ;)
8. Fot the lower lashline blend Neptune and Ocean Breeze, doing this will enhance the orange color on the lid and really make it pop!
9. Highlight your inner tear duct and put mascara and you're all done for the eye look!

I wish you enjoy this look!


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