Friday, June 20, 2014

Sweet Mango

Hello Starshines!
Today I wanted something soft and wearable for an everyday makeup look! I also wanted to use Mango Tango from Makeup Geek which a wonderful peachy color with small hints of gold. It's such a wonder and compliments every eye color and skin tone! And it's so pretty and punchy for Summer! So here's the look, very light and airy!

Product used:
Makeup Geek Eyeshadows in: Peach Smoothie, Mango Tango, Bitten, Glamorous, Brown Sugar and Shimma Shimma

1. After priming your eyes, apply Peach Smoothie all over the lid with and E40
2. With an E25 dab Bitten on the outter V then sweep the brush sideways back and forth toward the inner corner following the natural curve of your crease. There you want to draw a little bit of the prduct on the innermost part of the crease to enhance the round shape of the eyeball, this will help to draw attention on the main color.
3. On the center of the lid, put Mango Tango with an E55, build your color up blending it in the crease and finish with  dabbing the brush on the very center of the lid to give an extra shine.
4. With an E57 place Glamorous to highlight the inner corner and work the shade up toward the crease. This step will prevent your eye to look to drawn down.
5. Put eyeliner keeping the line as thin as possible to draw attention more on the shades tahn on the eyeliner.
6. With an E20, place Bitten and Mango Tango under the lower lash line before blending it with an E30.
7. Taking an E15, place Brown Sugar on the very edge of your waterline to add some depth to your eye.
8. Highlight the inner corner with Shimma Shimma, taking a champagne shade here is important because of the pinks on the lids; the yellow will compensate the very cool-toned pink and prevent your eyes to look dreary!
9. Put mascara and you're all done!

I hope you enjoyed this look! It's so perfect for Summer days, soft but with an extra pop of color and you can pair it with bright lipstick if you feel bold ;)

Have a wonderful day

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